Saturday, May 20, 2006

Me Me...

A friend sent me this and said it had to be posted on my blog, so here it is...

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Travel more
2. Swim with dolphins
3. curb the swearing (see below)
4. Have children
5. Get Well
6. Master Knitting
7. See Metallica and System of a Down in concert

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Keep my house clean
2. Go near spiders
3. Heights
4. Eat vegetables
5. Forget my husband
6. Make lists, unless I'm working
7. Get well!!

Seven things I say:
1. Kerfucked. If you're in a kerfuffle, you're kerfucked.
2. Better late than pregnant
3. The C word. Yeah.
4. Craptastic
5. That's not my scene (thanks, Teri!)
6. I'll be ok
7. I love you

Seven things that attract me to my mate:
1. Kindness
2. Honesty
3. Sense of humor
4. Snuggler
5. Height
6. Patience
7. Strong Arms (I have an unfortunate tendency to require carrying)

Seven books I love:
1. Outlander- D. Gabaldon
2. Gone with the Wind- M. Mitchell
3. Count of Monte Cristo- A.Dumas
4. Anything by Austen
5. Davinci Code- D. Brown
6. The Witching Hour- A. Rice
7. Anything by John McPhee

Seven movies I’ve loved:
1. Pride and Prejudice (the BBC movie)
2. The Matrix
3. The Power of One
4. An Affair to Remember
5. Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels
6. Briget Jone's Diary
7. Usual Suspects

Seven things I'm really good at:
1. Singing
2. Planning weddings
3. Being sick
4. Baking
5. Handling a crisis
6. Removing non poisonous snakes (yeah, this doesn't come in that handy, but I'm struggling here)
7. Knitting? I mean, compared to people who don't know how to knit at all!


Blogger YourOneSkeinSP said...

I am going to school to be a party or wedding planner. You can come work with me and get rid of all the snakes because I am terrified! And we can talk about Outlander because they are some of the best books ever!

6:38 AM  

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