Saturday, August 19, 2006

Groundhog in the Garden...

He likes apples.

A friend took this- still sorting out some camera issues and will have photos of the lovely goodies my on-line friends and pals have sent me soon!!

Here are some more photos of him!

Groundhog in the garden!


Blogger mf said...

amazing he stayed for his photo op!

7:20 PM  
Anonymous stacey (moonsista) said...

He's a cute little guy. I think he's a baby...all the groundhogs I've seen have been way bigger than that! Unless you have puny wildlife in MA!

My dog, Baxter, would love to chase him - he chases squirrels, birds, bees, etc. all around the backyard (which is, of course, fenced in) like a maniac.

I've missed your blog entries! :)

8:45 PM  
Anonymous stacey (moonsista) said...

I just saw that you didn't take this, that a friend did. I don't think this is a groundhog after all - I think it's a gray squirrel with its tail to the side. It's too small to be a groundhog and it has a squirrel face..or it's the product of a bad groundhog and squirrel love affair....lololol!!


8:52 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Ha! Definitely a groundhog. There's a mama and at least two babies and they live under my shed. :)

Mama was in the cherry tree outside my window the other week- I was like, "Hey, that's a BIG squirrel... hey that squirrel has no tail! Hey... it's a groundhog!!"
ha ha ha!!

It's definitely a groundhog, a couple of the babies have gotten used to me being around, and I think they're figuring out I put apples out for them.

Dad had a veg garden years ago, and the groundhogs came rolling down the hill (the babies rolled), and ate everything in it... so dad then went out to the store and stocked up and put lettuce and things out for them, so they wouldn't be hungry and so we could watch them eat.

I think they've eaten my catnip and lemon balm, but they leave pretty much everything else alone, especially when I have so much clover in the back yard, and I put out sunflower seeds and apples!!

8:58 PM  
Anonymous stacey - moonsista said...

Ha! Can you tell that I know nothing about wildlife? And I grew up in the "sticks", too! Anyway, that is a cute groundhog! I agree with you that at least they are leaving everything but a few things alone in your garden.

We have rabbits that get under the fence somehow, and they pee in the grass, and then the dog rolls in the bunny pee!! It smells AWFUL!!!


3:11 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

I used to have angora rabbits- their pee smells like concentrated ammonia- it's terrible!!
That is definitely a baby- saw the babies again today, WITH mama!

3:19 PM  

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