Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dreamswatch Headwrap on the Needles, and Mothra

So I'm making the dream swatch head wrap, and I'm feeling like my crosses are looking a bit messier than I'd have liked. I'm using Alchemy Bamboo in a color called "Early Fall" and the yarn is, indeed, a real pleasure to work with. The photo above is very poor quality, sorry for that, but can you see what I mean? But then I look at Wendy's photos and her crosses aren't totally perfect, so I feel a bit better, because if hers aren't then they are clearly not meant to be, right? I'm going to carry on, but if it looks too sloppy then I'll scrap it and try something else- any other back up plans anyone?


Make that moths. Several. And it would seem I am not just in a kerfuffle with the moths, I'm most likely kerfucked. I put my expensive wool in bags, but then I read that the little fuckers can chew through plastic, so that isn't really a deterrent. Someone else said they don't like to chew through paper, but that doesn't make sense... does it? I mean, I'd rather eat paper than plastic, and paper is more like plastic than wool... I can't abide the smell of mothballs, and I can't tell if the moths in my house are actually wool moths or not. I've looked it up, but I can't tell the freakin difference between the moths that eat your stash and the ones that don't. I feel like an idiot, but what can you do?

It isn't like there's a flock of them or anything, just seems there's another one somewhere in the house about every day. I catch them when I can and feed them to my frog. He likes moths. Me, not so much.

I have no idea if my stash is affected, and I guess I won't know until I go to use said yarn and it's been mothified.

The other craptastic thing about this is I used to like moths. Well, I didn't really like them, but they didn't freak me out like most of the other members of the insect world.

So it's moth watch '06. Bring it.


Blogger mf said...

sorry can't help noc lue.

cool colors!

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