Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dog Day Afternoon

On July 4th my sister, Moose, and friend Rupert took Abbey, the family's lab/retriever mix swimming for the first time. She did really well, I was very proud. Then we went home for some quality time picking rocks out of a paddling pool.

First off, here is a photo of Abbey as a baby-

And here is Abbey with Margaret Mary, my parents 11 year old walking ottoman, a lovely lab mix rescue.

Getting her rocks out of the pool. Maggie had to show her how it's done, but she soon became a pro.

And here's Large Marge taking a well deserved rest...

And here is Abbey, swimming!

Click on any of the photos for a larger image! My friend Rupert took most of these!


Blogger Pam said...

What great dogs! I have a black lab/great dane mix and he's so gentle. Love him to pieces.

4:37 PM  

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