Monday, August 28, 2006


I finished the chemo cap. I had to do it twice, and now I feel I finally have a handle on doing it in the round- the first try I did intarsia, and I found that in the round, (of course!!) my ends were in the wrong spot. I also realized that because of my knitting style, my 'f' looked all sorts of wrong.

So I re-did it... This time with the beginning of each chart I'd begin with a new piece of yarn, so I did it fair isle style, leaving me with lots of weaving in on each end. There was so much weaving in on each side that it was getting bulky, so I broke a cardinal rule of knitting and joined together two ends at a time and double knotted them. Not ideal, I know, but it got the job done, should hold, and prevented a large lump at the front of the hat.

I originally found the chart/idea on
  • The Anti-craft

  • Special thanks to defendedtoclick from knitty for the chart, which you can find
  • here

  • Here are some photos...

    And here are my messy ends...



    Anonymous Kim said...

    The hat looks fantastic Annie! Great job! :)

    11:39 AM  
    Blogger Annie said...

    Thanks, it isn't perfect, but neither am I! ;)

    12:05 PM  
    Anonymous Tiffany said...

    I agree, you did a great job! I'm too intimidated to try intarsia...=)

    10:21 PM  
    Blogger Annie said...

    Just try it!! You're a much better knitter than I am- it's not as bad as you'd think it is!!

    2:04 PM  

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