Wednesday, July 19, 2006

50 Things About Me...

Because I'm not interesting enough for 100

1. I don't think I'm really a very good knitter.
2. I'm adopted.
3. I'm very liberal.
4. I spent a summer in Spain and used to be nearly fluent in Spanish.
5. I used to sing opera.
6. I modeled a couple of times. Here's some proof:

7. I am deathly afraid of spiders.
8. I only have one hole in each ear, no other piercings.
9. I have no tattoos, but haven't totally ruled one out.
10. I'm personally pro-life, but will always, always vote pro-choice.
11. I think prostitution and pot should be legal, but I've never been a hooker (in either sense) and I don't smoke pot.
12. I am a widow.
13. My 3 year old nephew is the new love of my life.
14. I used to be very religious, but I don't know if I believe in God anymore.
15. I don't like lillies, except lily of the valley. I think they're very funereal.
16. I watch too much TV.
17. I have Crohn's disease and Ankylosing spondylitis.
18. I'm clean, but not neat.
19. I want to live in England some day.
20. Before I went on disability I was an event planner.
21. I love my families (in-laws included) more than anything. More than myself.
22. I sometimes think I wouldn't be a very good mom.
23. I want to swim with dolphins before I die.
24. I cry with any strong emotion. This has pros and cons.
25. I sometimes think I'd be a good interior designer. But everyone probably thinks that about their own taste.
26. I have freakishly wide feet.
27. I have something of a coat fetish. Probably because I hate buying shoes (see #26).
28. The name I was given by my biological mother was Jasmine.
29. I'm crap at math. Seriously.
30. I sometimes have dreams that come true.
31. I'm afraid to fall in love again, and equally afraid I won't.
32. I like granny scents- lavender, rose, lily of the valley. Love 'em.
33. I'm currently coveting a Tsavorite.
34. My sister is my hero. She is the kindest, funniest, most loving and generous soul I've ever known.
35. I hate poster art. I only buy original, even if it's $10 off a street vendor.
36. I buy yarn when I'm depressed. I've amassed quite a stash this year!
37. I read voraciously. 5 books a week sometimes.
38. I'm incredibly direct. The only woman I know who speaks her mind more than me is my rockin' sister in law.
39. I feel very strongly about charity work and giving back to the community
40. I love to cook, but don't cook for myself.
41. I sing in the shower, and in the car, often holding passengers hostage.
42. I'm really close to both of my parents, but in really different ways.
43. I never knew my grandmothers.
44. I'm an aspiring hooker and spinner, but feel I want to get really good at knitting first.
45. I can be very impulsive. This is both good and bad, depending.
46. I don't think you should respect a person just because he is the President.
47. I secretly think I got stretch marks all over my legs when I was on steroids because they were the one part of my body that I was secretly proud of.
48. I encourage everyone to become an organ donor. It was the only good thing to come from losing my husband.
49. I eat way too much candy and junk food. But then, I'm not allowed to eat salad...
50. It was hard to come up with 50. I AM boring!


Blogger YourOneSkeinSP said...

I really enjoyed that list. We really do have a lot in common!

I love the fact that it is only 50! One of these days, I would like to do one of those. However, I think I am floating in your boat because I run out of things to say after about 14!

Your modeling pics are really beautiful, by the way!

1:09 AM  
Blogger mf said...

beautifully said! WE certianly have more then a few things in common too! Great photos!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

I know, I had no idea what to say after around 20...!!

Thanks, the photos were fun to do.

Soapy, I wish we had happier things in common, but there is that love o' knitting!!!

6:56 PM  
Blogger mf said...

more then the CD ya know or the knitting really!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

I know!! ;)

11:17 PM  

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