Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tenacity, thy name is squirrel

Here he is again. He's given up on the only squirrel proof feeder I have, and has foisted himself on a thistle sock, terrorizing the poor little finches who had previously been enjoying this food source.

Mind you, I FEED the damn squirrels. They have their own feeder, plus two other bird feeders that they dangle from with staggaring regularity. Greedy little bastards.

I do have the fattest squirrels on the block, and I'm very proud of it. Maybe I need to get out more?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, they are greedy little bastards. I have all of my feeders squirrel proofed because I just hate the little suckers.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

Ha ha! I actually like them quite a lot, they make me laugh. And they remind me of the fleece stealing squirrel story in one of the Yarn harlot books. If they get my yarn, it's all over. It's war!!

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

Hey! This is Stacey, "moonsista" on Epinions. I was just looking at some profiles on Epinions and was looking to see if you'd written anything lately (I think of you sometimes because of the last few things you wrote on Epinions) and I saw this thing about squirrels. Where I work, we have BLACK squirrels and also GRAY squirrels. Have you ever seen them? If not, I need to take a picture to show you. And, the black squirrels really ARE mean! Anyway, these ugly squirrels are in N.E. Ohio. I live just 15 miles away from work, and we only have brown squirrels here..and one of them has stare-downs with our little dog in our fenced-in backyard. They are unpredictable and weird IMO....

10:07 PM  

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