Thursday, August 31, 2006

Special Thanks to Sassenach,,,

A friend I've made through my blogstalking, her blog,
  • Mixed Up Beauty
  • is one of my favorite regular reads.
    She found out I didn't have any pretty stitch markers (!) and sent me some she had made.

    This fishy cracks me up. She sent me one of these, and it's my new default for marking where my stitches began when knitting in the round. I love this guy... the look on his face is PRICELESS!!!

    These are lovely little stitch markers that say "love" and "live"... very appropriate...

    She also sent five of these. They're lovely and sparkly and look like christmas balls! Really, really pretty.

    She also sent me a gorgeous skein of sock yarn! I'm saving it for when I can actually make socks. Ha ha ha...

    Thanks, Tiffany- you rock. I'm making her some mix cd's, as a thank you. Although it's gotten a little out of hand (as my making mix cd's often does) and I've now got about 6 to send to her!! :)


    Anonymous Tiffany said...

    You're very welcome! And you rock as well. =D My mixed CD making got out of hand too--I thought I could fit the whole mix onto one, but it spilled onto two! btw, they're in the mail!

    5:39 PM  
    Blogger Annie said...

    I'm in the hospital most of tomorrow, but your package is finally ready to go... hopefully it'll be on it's way tomorrow, if not Wednesday!!

    4:48 PM  

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