Friday, July 21, 2006

Annie thinks that people who speak of themselves in the third person...

are insane. The whole lot of them. It makes me CRAZY. I broke up with someone once because of it. (I broke up with 2 different people because they told me they only voted republican for financial reasons, but that is another story for another day...)

And for some reason it's been popping up a lot lately, this business of people referring to themselves by their first names. What the fuck? Seriously? Who the hell does that?? Crazy people, and I don't mean "Oh, she's so crazy!" I mean, "Bitch is crazy." You know the difference.

So if you've got Dissociative Itentity Disorder, fair enough. Talk about your other self all you like, I can completely understand that.

If you are not suffering from a potential iatrogenic pathology disorder, then please, for the love of GOD, stick with me, myself, and I.

The collective "we" is, however, totally fine. I often use the collective "we"
for dramatic effect. Here is an example:

I was knitting with colinette ribbon yarn and that stuff, whilst lovely, is so slippery, that when I dropped a couple of stitches they immediately unravelled to the cast on edge, and I was nearly done with the shawl!! We are not amused.

That is a true story. Control your horror, we know how you feel.

If, however, you are actually a member of the royal family, then I do not think you should use the collective, aka "royal" we. It's just rubbing our faces in it.

Thank you.


Anonymous TEK Staa said...

yes totally. the worst thing is when parents talk about themselves in the 3rd person to their kids. Nearly gave me diabetes last time I heard it.

9:42 PM  

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