Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogstalking and Hair Decisions

Been reading a lot of blogs lately. Loads. Lovin' it. Above photo is taken from my computer, looking at some new photos on a friends website.

Which reminds me. I need to change my hair color. What is my haircolor, anyhow? I don't even know anymore. I had red hair as a kid, red hair and grey eyes, apparently. And my mother would tell people they were "slate" not grey, since she thought the idea of grey eyes was creepy. They're now sort of a swamp green/hazel.

And left to its own devices, my hair gets really, really, red. In the past, when depressed, I'd change my haircolor. It's as though it's one thing I can control... everything else has gone to shit, and I can't change any of that, but I CAN get some highlights!!

The problem now is that the red color, though fun, is tough to maintain, and expensive. So I think I'm going dark. Not black (like my soul), I did that for a while, as evidenced here-

But even though I liked it, my dad called me Elvira the entire time it was black. And it was a pain in the ass to grow out.

Here it is dark, probably close to natural- with my nephew last Christmas...

Yeah, that's yarn on the sofa with me. My nephew loves to hold the yarn for me. He has recently progressed to occasionally throwing the yarn around the needle for me, when I'm doing garter stitch. Can't wait to teach him to knit- he seems really into it. Football (UK Style), Rugby, Thomas, Bob and Knitting. That's my boy!!

Anyhow, I need to decide, and soon. I got some roots coming in. Back to dark, I think.
Like my soul ;)


Anonymous Tiffany said...

I love red hair, especially auburn. Mine is black naturally, and I'm way too chicken to dye it! It's never been dyed.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

You have GORGEOUS hair. And the great thing about natural black, is if you lighten it, you can easily go back to black.

The problem now is that if I darken it, you can't dye over dark without bleaching, and I don't want to go there.
But I really can't afford the maintinence. I spelled that wrong. But I've had some wine tonight!! ;)

11:21 PM  

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