Saturday, July 29, 2006

More things about me

  1. My parents are still together
  2. My sister's nickname is Moose, but she's a peanut
  3. I love red wine, not really a fan of white
  4. It takes a lot to embarrass me.
  5. I swear way too fucking much
  6. The above is from living with a Brit with a charming penchant for swearing
  7. I have loved someone more than I love myself
  8. I'm a country mouse at heart
  9. I want to learn more foreign languages
  10. I hate most of my body
  11. I really love my in-laws. They'll always be my family
  12. I can be uber lazy
  13. I have broken some hearts
  14. I have had my heart broken
  15. I like to rap... and seriously, it's pretty fucking funny
  16. I have a good singing voice, but get nervous singing in public
  17. I've had a brazillian wax
  18. I can smoke with my feet
  19. I will always be in love with someone who is dead
  20. If I ever do remarry, I don't know if I'll change my name again. Partly because I like it, and partly because of # 12.


Anonymous Stacey said...

This list was cool. Thanks for sharing. "I swear way too fucking much" had me laughing out loud! I want you to know that what you have shared about you and your husband and how he died has really stuck with me and has me saying "I love you" way more often and has me being very careful with what I say and do with my BF. Life really can be short and it is not always easy to remember. I appreciate all that you have shared.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Thank you for saying that, that means a lot to me.

(I really do swear too much, but my husband was NOTORIOUS!)

10:20 PM  

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