Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And Now, a Couple of Knitting Photos

My bestest friend, my oldest friend is Lara. When my husband was killed I called her in the morning, from the hospital, at her house in New Orleans where she lived with her awesome husband and their dog, Miss Lola. By the time I got back to my parents house that night, she'd dropped everything (mainly finishing her doctoral thesis), flown into Boston, rented a car, and was waiting at my parents house on the Cape. She's my other half. Arguably my better half. Less than a month after Adam died, Katrina hit, and she and Kevin and Lola were displaced for months. But they were lucky and they knew it. They had each other and the dog, all were safe, and so everything would be ok. And it was. Miraculously their apartment was more or less spared. They're getting ready to leave New Orleans now, as she's doing her post doc in another state, at another university. She's my wicked smaaht friend.

Around this time, she finally said there was something I could knit her. A blanket. A throw for their bed. No problem, right? Wrong! I bought a pattern, for a blanket knit on the bias, using multiple yarns of varying weight, and got on it. And hated the way it looked. It just looked so... sloppy. Really sloppy. And I hate sloppy.

Am now working on a variation of the log cabin design from Mason Dixon Knitting, and if that doesn't work well in varying yarns, then it's back to the yarn shop, probably knit picks, to do a proper log cabin in all the same yarn. I don't care what this project costs me in the end, I want this to be something that she'll have forever and I want it to be right.

What do you think? How will a log cabin design look with different yarn types, gauges, etc??
Well, I'll keep you posted. It'll be fantastic or craptastic. But I'm always willing to frog.

Here's a sort of cool photo of the lace cowl (Lace cowl and cami) while still on the needles, unblocked.

That's all the knitting photos I've got just now. Must take more, and soon.


Anonymous Kim said...

I'm actually on my way to knitpicks to buy sock yarns to make another log cabin for myself. :) I would probably stick with the same gauge but I'm all for random colors. :)

3:15 PM  

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