Thursday, November 02, 2006

Knitting Q&A

What are you knitting at the moment? Clapotis in silk garden, which I can't wait to be done with, also the waves throw from Knitpicks in purples and greys, and I'm embroidering a felted hat.

Do you knit English, Continental, or Combined? I knit English

When did you learn how to knit? Who taught you? I first took knitting lessons with my mom, when I was around seven. There was a shop in Longmeadow, MA called "The Ewe and I" and we went to classes together. But we both got the flu and missed the end of the classes. So I learned long tail cast on, knit and purl. But I never learned how to cast off. I'd make these insanely long scarves, just because I loved knitting. But I wouldn't know how to end it, so I'd frog it and start over again. Then I lost interest.

After I met my husband I decided I wanted to learn how to knit again. A woman at work, Kirsten, knit, and I asked her to show me some basics. It's amazing, how quickly it came back to me. Then she showed me how to cast off, and the obsession began. The first year, I made scarves. Horrible lion brand monstrosities for my family members. They were somewhat odd in width and/or length, etc... but I was hooked. I then took private Lessons with Debbie over at Iron Horse Farm (see link, at right), and she helped me to move beyond the scarf, teaching me how to k2tog and use circs to make a hat...

How long have you been knitting? Around 4 years now.

What do you knit most often, and why? Scarves and hats. Probably because I'm comfortable with them, and they're fairly quick gratification. Plus, with scarves you can go from the very basic to very, very complicated lace work!

Is there anything you haven't yet knit? Why?
Oh yeah. I haven't knit socks or a sweater yet. I have the yarn for both, especially sweaters, but for some reason I feel like I need some hand holding with these. I'm worried about turning the heel, and I'm just apprehensive about knitting a sweater. I REALLY don't know why. I have 4 sweaters worth of yarn! But once I finish this Clapotis, I'm planning on starting one.

As for the socks, I'm still hoping to meet up with Michelle (Soap Fiber Gal), to hang out and knit some, she's so good at it! Things have been a little crazy, but I'm sure we'll manage to get together sometime!!

Do you crochet? Any other crafts? I don't crochet. Yet. It's frustrating to me, when a knitting pattern includes crochet. I need to meet up with Debbie or someone, and learn some crochet basics. I am also planning on scheduling some private weaving classes for myself and- get this- my dad! He's expressed an interested in weaving, and they have a room over the garage that could hold a hell of a loom. I also want to get into spinning. But I've made myself a promise that until I've made some socks and at least 5 sweaters, I won't start a new knitting fetish.
I also quilt. Kind of. The last birthday I had, before Adam was killed, I asked for a sewing machine. I made my nephew a little eye-spy quilt with it. I also have quite the fabric stash. But my math sucks, and I need to take some quilting classes.

Why Knitting?
I find it soothing. I love yarns. Sadly, I particularly love luxury yarns. I've spent a lot of money on yarn, especially after my husband was killed. I'd get a panicky feeling and then run to the yarn shop. $200 dollars or so later, I'd be feeling better. Of course, as far as I'm concerned, yarn is the best therapy. When I was diagnosed with Crohn's, before Adam died, I found the knitting helped a lot with pain. After he died, knitting helped keep my mind off things. I did a lot of knitting and crying. Now, I'm on disability, for arthritis of the spine, which affect my knees and hips and makes it hard to drive. The knitting keeps me feeling productive, and again, helps with the pain. Sometimes my mom thinks I'm a little obsessive with knitting, but I don't know if she knows how it keeps me sane. It also makes me feel sort of proud, when I complete something. Because I really can't believe that I took some string and created an object with it. I was an event planner, and I have a rep for being a lot craftier than I really am. I used to sing. I used to perform, and that was a creative, artistic outlet for me. I don't sing or perform any more (except as a favor at the occasional wedding), and I miss it. But secretly (or not so secretly now), even though I know I've a lot still to learn about knitting, and many other things, I'm quite proud of what I've been able to create.

And if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged! ;)


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