Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Winter Haikus to torture you with...

Ha! Here are some Haikus I wrote about 4 years ago...

Here are some Haiku's in honour of winter...

Winter Chain Reaction

The car I follow
Cleans windshield, wipers washing.
Now I must clean, too.

Ode to De-icer

Melts ice off windshield
Quickly! Artificially!
Should I wash my hand?

Winter Static

I take off my coat
I reach for the door handle
Fuck me, shocked again!

Ode to 16 degrees (not including wind chill)

I can’t feel my face
Are you sure I still have one?
Fine, I believe you.

Cryptic Degrees (Ode to Wind Chill)

If it feels like two,
Why say its nineteen but it
Feels like two? It’s two!


You’re really too close
To the car in front of you.
Black ice, and you’re fucked.

Overeager Snowplow

Such a waste of time
Plowing the road tonight- but-
the sparks are pretty.

Morning Mistake

I should not have tried
To clean my windshield just yet
Spiderweb of ice.


Today, I smiled,
happy about something, and
my lip split in two.


Blogger brewerburns said...

Very nice. I like the use of profanity.

7:09 PM  

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