Monday, September 22, 2008


This is my right eye. It's in reverse, so those are my eyelashes on the bottom.

And here is my left eye.

Cool, isn't it?

Thanks again to everyone, for your very kind comments in the previous posts!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's been a busy, but mostly enjoyable month! Adam's dad and step mum came for a visit, for the first two weeks of September, and we stayed at my parents house on the Cape. We spent the week mostly in different towns on the Cape, and a day in Newport.

Here is my mom, the moose and I, at Aquinnah on the Vineyard.

On Ad's birthday we went out to a hibachi restaurant.

Here is a photo of Paul and I. We've been seeing each other for some months now, and he's a really wonderful man. On the anniversary of my wedding, he bought me dinner to celebrate and then we watched my wedding video. That about sums up how utterly cool this man is.

We were in Newport and my sister was playing paparazzi with my camera.

And this is Paul's dog, on our way to a marsh about a mile from my parent's house.

And now a few shots of Abbey and Blossom, for the dog lovers.

Abbey is so proud she got her stick!

Running through the marsh- click on this one to make it bigger!

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about the hair, I am enjoying it. Here's a photo of me I actually like. Paul took it.

Do me a favor, and don't make this one any bigger!!

I'm working on a couple knitting projects and still need to photograph the log cabin, but am trying to sort out the best way to do that, because it's big!!

Heading to Ravelry now to get some inspiration for my next project. I think I need to do a massive de-stash/yarn give away soon. Stay tuned!