Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Silk and Shadows...

Here's a proper pron post. Say that three times fast.
The red and green are Tilli Tomas Silk, and the blue green variegated is Big Sea Silk...I enjoyed shooting these with a flash, to catch the depth and shine of the silk...click on the photos to see them in a larger and more aesthetically pleasing size...


My first embroidery attempt...

I made this felted hat a while ago and have started embroidering it. Oddly, I'm embroidering it with a Knitpicks version of a yarn similar to kidsilk haze. I'm pretty happy with it, considering it's a first go. The scarf I'll be making out of just the green. Maybe branching out... It'll be for my mom, for Christmas...

I'm just doing this freehand, and I'm not an artist by any stretch, but I'm pretty happy with it, considering!


Monday, October 30, 2006

Clapotis Progress

Beginning the fourth repeat of section 3. At this point it feels like this pattern will never end! Looking forward to each 8th row to break it up a little with the dropped stitch. Also looking forward to beginning the decrease rows. I'm using silk garden, and I'm a little disappointed in the color. I think my aunt will like it, she loves really vibrant colors, but I feel the pale brown and the bubblegum pink are a little out of sync with the rest of the colors in the yarn.

The silk garden also needs a lot of help in unraveling, but so far, so good.

Here are loads more photos- just click on a photo to see a larger image.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spam quote of the day:

Ever read spam? What they actually put in there, between the penis enlargement ads?

How about:
Any vacuum cleaner can organize a rude cloud formation, but it takes a real tornado to bury the pompous polar bear. Indeed, a briar patch takes a peek at the hairy squid.

I thought so.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Ok, here's a yarn pron post for ya. I just ordered a skein of Great Big Sea Silk in the Agean color way from Red Bird Knits... feast your eyes on this-

Make sure you click the image to make it nice and huge...

You can read more about the yarn and it's amazing properties here.
The website says:
When worn, your skin’s natural moisture will release magnesium, calcium and vitamin E contained within the seaweed. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to protect the skin. Amazing.

I am planning on making a pair of very special wrist warmers for a friend with bad arthritis in her wrists... now to choose a pattern!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm planning on giving the Clap to someone!

My aunt. Her 69th birthday is coming up, and I've just ordered 8 skeins of Silk Garden #205 to make a Clapotis and perhaps a matching hat, if I have enough yarn left. Most of the posts/blogs I've seen with people using Silk Garden said they used about 7 skeins, but I knit tightly, so we'll see...

Here's the yarn-

Aunt loves Bright jewel tones. It's always different for me, when I knit for her using these colors- I'm an earth tone sort of gal, and never choose these really bright, vivid colors unless I'm making something for her.
Stay tuned for what will surely be weeks of me agonizing over the pattern!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moose and the Possum

My sister, The Moose, had an incident with a possum on her way into work a couple of weeks ago. She works in a bakery, so is often on the road in the very earliest hours of the morning...

Moose: So. On the way into work today a possum killed itself, using my car.

Me: Really? What happened?

Well, I was driving along, and it was on back road, so I was going pretty slowly, and I saw it there, in the road. Looking at me.

Me: Mmm hmm...

And as I approached it I could see it pretty closely, and it wasn't pretty. And so I tried to swerve, but I ended up hitting it anyhow...

Me: Oh no!

Moose: Oh yes. I felt pretty bad about it, but then I realized that it wanted to die.

Me: Why do you think it wanted to die?

Moose: Well, it was just standing there, and it looked kind of sick. It had horrible yellow eyes, and it was just looking pathetic, sort of begging to be put out of it's misery. I mean, nothing that looked like that could have wanted to live...

Me: Right. (struggling not to laugh and not wanting to tell her they all look like that...)

So yesterday, she calls me...

Moose: So I ran into another possum this morning...

Me: Oh No!

Not literally. He was in the road, but I hit the breaks and stopped in time. This one didn't want to die. This one just wanted to cross the street.

Me: Bwahahahahaaaaa!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What a delicious problem to have...

I had some time to kill between dr's visits, and went over to A Good Yarn in Brookline, where I was nothing short of seduced by Tilli Tomas' Simply Heaven, tone on tone, gorgeously dyed chunky weight pure silk yarn.

There are 120 yards per skein, and I bought 2 skeins of these 2 colors-

SO. I now cannot figure out what to make with them. This yarn is so gorgeously, deliciously soft and colored. I want to sleep on it. I want to shag on it. I want to hold it and love it forever. But alas, I'm going to make scarves out of it. Maybe scarves and hats, if I have enough yardage. Though I'm not sure how pure silk would work up as a hat, with the elasticity and whatnot...

I've started knitting with it several times, but can't figure out the right pattern for this yarn. There are no words to describe how gorgeous this yarn is. I want to make something befitting how gorgeous this yarn is. I need to do justice to this fiber, and I'm feeling inadequate as a knitter. What do I do?

So, any pattern thoughts? Any ideas?

Friday, October 06, 2006


Haven't had much time to blog or read others blogs in the past few weeks. In laws visit (great), lots of testing for my Crohn's, AS and thyroid (not so great), and taking dad to Chemo (also not so great).

I'll be back soon. And the title of this post is in reference to the fact that when I comment on other's blogs, and need to enter word verification, I NEVER get it right on the first go. Sometimes not the third!! What the hell is wrong with me? Maybe I'm dyslexic? Or, those things are sent from hell to torment me. Not sure. Could be either.