Friday, December 28, 2007

The Website is...

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! Mine was nice, in terms of spending time with my family, though we were all sick. Mom is more sick than the rest of us, and so I avoided her like she had the plague, and literally walked around with alcohol swabs wiping down phones, bottles of soda... anything she may have touched with her germy self. I still got sick though, the cold I'd been fighting before the holiday came on full strength, and then mutated into a sinus infection. Can't give myself the shots when I have a fever, so I'm in a pretty miserable state. But I'm on antibiotics and hoping I'll feel human again. I haven't really done anything over the past week, no knitting, no mosaic work... you know I'm sick! :)

So, I am very grateful for everyone's suggestions for the website! In the end, I decided on Belle Mosaics

It will be up and running soon, and I haven't forgotten about drawing a name to send a mosaic to, I'll get to that soon!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bah, Humbug

Hello all! So there were some wonderful naming suggestions. I really loved a lot of them, but unfortunately, many of the ones I loved best were already taken as domain names! So, what I am going to do, is collect the suggestions from the previous two posts, and if you posted in those entries, I'll do a random draw and send that person a mosaic. Also, if you comment in this one, I'll include you in the drawing, but I probably won't actually draw until after Christmas, so you'll have several days to post!

We did get quite a lot of snow. A couple of feet, over two storms.
Here is a photo taken from my back door during storm #2. Look at the chair at left for reference. We got about another 10 inches from this storm!

So you can see we got quite a lot.

Now some mosaics pics. Here are some I did for people as Christmas presents- I did one for Kim, for her mom, a dog bone leash holder in shades of red. Which I forgot to photograph before sending out.

I also did this little star for baby Sam-

It's a smallish star, and I use loads of tiny pieces of mirror, so it literally twinkles. These are available for $25, and I just love them.

I then did another frog-

And two custom mirrors for someone's nieces-

This one is for a ten year old girl who loves pink-

There is a lot of sparkle in it, as I used a lot of mirror, but it will hopefully be something she'll enjoy, even as an adult.

I also did a mirror for a teenager who is kind of in a goth/wicca stage. I did this in shades of purple,with Amethyst, Agate and Hematite, and then made a little document explaining the healing properties and ancient uses of these stones. Hopefully she'll dig it.

Here's one with no flash.

I really love using stones with specific properties... love, grief, calming of the mind, etc. Or sea glass... I enjoy it when someone special orders something, asks for specific colors/combinations... it's fun to take what they have in mind and try to create something unique that they'll love. The 10" round mirrors are $75, so I've been selling a lot of those lately!

Oh, and I did FINALLY come up with a name. I'll be letting everyone know in the new year what that will be.

As for the Humbuggery, well, this year it just doesn't really feel like Christmas. Maybe it's because this is the first Christmas since Ad died that we haven't had some or all of his family with us. Maybe it's because we're all sick, and my aunt is also sick and is not coming, so it'll just be the 4 of us. And because we're all sick, we're kind of apathetic about the whole thing. But it's fine.

This year we cut back on how much we spent on each other, and took on more families in need to adopt.

I took three teenage girls, at least one of which is a mom. I got them these-

They love Bath and Body Works stuff, and use the bags for purses or diaper bags. I also ordered a bunch of those crazy warm soft socks, and sent them along to be tucked into the bags.

The little kids are always snapped up fast, but older kids, and adults don't get chosen as quickly. A few years ago we had a grown man, and we bought him a new hammer, some books, and a warm coat. So it's things like that that do get me into the Christmas spirit.

But, this year, for the most part, I'm really not feeling it. Maybe I will tonight. Or tomorrow. We'll see.

But I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I'm something of an agnostic, with varied beliefs, but for me, Christmas has always been more like a thankgiving, a time to really appreciate what you have, who you have in your life. To spend time with people you love, and to help other people in need.

Even though this Christmas is a bit sad, and I'm sick, I am very aware of how fortunate I am, how much I have. How much I love, and am loved. For this, I am grateful. I hope you all have a holiday full of love and happiness. And remember to take a look at everything you have, and be grateful, as you never know when it may be gone.

Much love to all of you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So, it looks like I'm getting 6-10 inches tomorrow night. And not in a good way. A major storm is on its way, and we can expect to get quite a lot of snow, before the next storm, which is scheduled to hit on Saturday!

Thankfully, my friend Paul (thanks, Paul!) came by today with his sidekick Miss B, and he cleared away what had been 3 inches of ice on my drive, but thanks to today's warmer temps had turned to slush.

Have I mentioned how much it totally sucks being a single woman owning a home in New England during the fall and winter months? Ladies, give your husbands/significant others some tonight, just because I said so. And I'm always right. ;)

There have been some fantastic suggestions for the website name! One of the biggest problems is that most of the ones I really love are already taken! So the search continues, and in the meantime, it looks like I'll order up Just to have it, you know? In the meantime, it looks like I may be doing the website thing on my own, so it may be some time before that happens.

I am enjoying finishing up some holiday mosaic orders and some gifts, and have been fortunate to be spending time with friends more than usual lately. Depression and illness have turned me into something of a crazy shut-in, but I am working on it! I know, I have a lot of writing and reading to catch up on, and I'll be getting on that soon.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

What's in a Name?

I need help. Your help! I'm going to be (with the help of a friend) setting up a proper website for the mosaics. But I don't know what to call it. So, please, post or e-mail me your suggestions! If I choose the one you suggested, I'll send you a mosaic. Sound good?

Here are a couple recently finished mirrors. They need grouting.

"Primarily Primary"

"Green Radiance"

Oh, and the shawl I knit for charity? It sold, for $250, so I was happy to help them with that!!

So, please. Send me your suggestions for a Mosaic site/company name, something other than Knittibell Mosaics or 'My name Mosaics'- and if your suggestion is chosen, I'll send you a piece!