Friday, May 18, 2007

Kim, over at A Knitted Frenzy sent me these questions. If you want 5 questions of your own, from me (but have to be prepared to answer them!), leave a comment...

1. If you could be an animal in the world, what would you be an why?
I think I'd be a whale. They're beautiful, gentle and intelligent. Things I strive to be.

2. What does your favorite food remind you of?(memories, feelings, etc.)

Hmmm... I'd say black licorice reminds me of my dad. He and I are the only ones in the family who like it, and it reminds me of him. My sister and I would each get a quarter for the penny candy store and I'd get a lot of black licorice- the other bonus was not many people liked it, so I didn't have to share!

3. Where would you escape to for a month if money, work, etc. were no object?

This one is really hard! There are SO many places I'd like to visit- I'd probably go someplace like Asia or Africa, and travel and stay in nice places (ie, running water), and see as much of the area as I could- it's so expensive to fly to these places!

4. Are you a city girl? Small town? Mountains? Why?
Not a city girl. I grew up on Cape Cod, so I'd always need to be near a sea, although I could easily live in the English countryside, or on an island in Maine... I like small towns, villages, etc.

5. If your house were on fire, what five things would you grab immediately (family members, animals are a given)?

1. Adam's ashes (does that count as a family member? Ha ha- I know, morbid sense of humor!)
2. Jewelry box- not full of valuables, but sentimental stuff, (Ad's wedding ring, grandmother's bracelet, etc...)
3. Stuffed raccoon- I've had it since I was a baby and still sleep with it!
4. Portable hard drive (has all my photos backed up on it)
5. Small filing cabinet (I should get a safe deposit box for this shit, but it has stuff that would be a serious pain in the ass to lose- birth, marriage and death certificates, mortgage and car deeds, etc...)


Anonymous Tiffany said...

Technically, I guess you could say his ashes are a family member...but yeah, I see the humor in that, too =)

I totally agree with the last one, too. Things like a social security card, birth cert, other things like that are just so necessary for all the important "technical" things in life. Not having them would make things really tough!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

I've been to Cape Cod exactly once (even though we live pretty darn close), and it's beautiful. I want to go back there again.

For the last one... it's always good to keep documents in a safe or safe deposit box. That way, the originals don't get destroyed if the house burns down.

8:35 PM  

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