Friday, September 14, 2007

Good News, Bad News, and More Yarn Than I Know What To Do With

No, the "more yarn than I know what to do with is not, in fact, the good news.

The good news is that after my family's visit yesterday, at least one room is completely sorted. May I present, my teeny tiny kitchen-

It really is tiny. We did carve out a place for part of my new glass collection, in a ridiculously small cabinet, as seen here. I have 6 jars out at the moment, working on a project, but you get the idea.

My mother descended on the living room, with a large bin, and put all the visible yarn in the house into the bin. Including yarn for projects I am currently working on, which are all more or less, at the bottom. I'm not sure the photo clearly demonstrates how large the bin is, but it's very big. The bags on top have cable needles, dpns and other sundries tucked in them.

So today I need to go through all of this lot, and figure out where to put it. I confess there is even more yarn in the bedroom closet. Oi.

And finally, the bad news. With the Moose here yesterday, I had another look at the sweater, and it is, indeed, MASSIVE. Way too big for her, and the stretch is completely out of control. She asked if it was a sweater or a dress. So I'm afraid I will have to re-knit it. Now, I knit it in the medium size, with a slightly shorter body and sleeves, so I'm not sure what to do. Do I make the small size, with even shorter sleeves and body? Do I knit the small size and not wet-block it? But then what happens when she goes to wash it? Should I just have her dry-clean it? Although I know they use liquids, too, so honestly, I am stuck. Any suggestions?

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Blogger fluffbuff said...

Oh no! Reknit a whole sweater? I feel for you.

Your kitchen may be tiny, but I like the look of it. :)

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Did you get gauge with the sweater? Can you use smaller needles?

Annie, my guest bedroom has been overtaken by yarn. Do not fret about your stash until it overtakes 2 rooms. :)


12:25 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

I did get gauge, and the gauge swatch stretched a little bit, but not this much, of course, I think the weight of the finished items also had something to do with the stretch. I just don't know what to do, really.

I can try smaller needles, in the smaller size, to account for the 6 inches of stretching. But I am scared. I don't know if I could stand knitting it a third time. Although it is a very quick knit.

Oh, I've got yarn all over the place. You really can't look anywhere without seeing yarn someplace, and I kind of like it like that.

12:28 PM  
Blogger KelInCal said...

I'd start with measuring the gauge on your current finished items and see how much bigger it is than the recommended gauge/size you knitted (to see if you can compare and figure out how big the smaller size will be after the stretching). If that makes any sense. You're stronger than I, though - I'd be seaming that sucker up and finding someone who fits inside. :D

1:49 PM  
Blogger katiedid said...

KelinCal seems like a smart girl, you should go with her recommendation. ;)

Your kitchen is absolutely adorable. Small, yes, but also adorable. I love the red paint!

2:01 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Kelincal, I'll definitely be doing that! My sister just called and asked if I'd heard of something called the "Central Park Hoodie"... apparently a woman she works with was wearing one and now she wants one. I may need to knit her one of those before going back to re-knit the sweatshirt, but we'll see. Kelincal, I'll definitely be taking your advice. I think I'll also knit a small swatch with left over yarn and see what happens with different sized needles, and what happens in the dryer- it's a blend, with some synthetic, so it -might- be ok!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Bertha said...

Oh no! I was so hoping it wouldn't come to reknitting! UGH.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Josiane said...

That's too bad for the sweater... But the sorted kitchen? Awesome! That's a very good start.
I really like the dark red with the white cabinets, and the way the light seems to be coming in. There is absolutely no natural light coming into my own tiny kitchen, I hate it. Believe me, the next place I'll be living in definitely will have a window in the kitchen!

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Alice said...

Your kitchen looks great! Red/Black/White always looks awesome together.

As for the sweater, instead of re-knitting it I would try altering the one you have now. I've never actually done it myself, but this article looks like it has lots of good info on downsizing a sweater. Good luck :)

1:37 AM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

Cute kitchen!

Do not reknit it! Try reblocking it again but be careful not to stretch it out.

3:23 AM  
Blogger Nell said...

Think your kitchen's small? Wait til you see ours?!!

Its about half the size of yours!! :)

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kitchen looks awesome!!
Um, I have no words of wisdom about the sweater, I have been known to chuck projects in the trash when they frustrate me.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Lulu said...

I love your kitchen..I think i am the minority, but i love cozy homes..I am not into big houses at all..
happy knitting and weekend..

11:57 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

I love that red wall in your kitchen - looks really cool! Your house looks very cottage style, from the glimpses I've seen, and I think that's really nice. I don't know what to tell you about the sweater. I like kelincal's idea of seaming it up and finding someone to stick inside!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

I love your kitchen! That bright red wall is just perfect, I want to paint large portions of my house that color.

Too bad about the sweater. I completely understand about having Third Sweater Anxiety. That's worse than socks.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

I love your looks comfortable.....

7:52 PM  

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